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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I store with All Seasons Storage?


At All Seasons Storage we know what you are experiencing and we want to help you “Store with peace of mind.” We strive to help make your storage easy, friendly and convenient. We know that moving things in and out of storage isn’t fun, so we will do everything we can to make it as smooth, easy and as stress-free of an experience as possible. You’ll find that we go the extra mile to help you. So when life happens, let us show you that running a clean, friendly, storage center is our way of saying “welcome.”

Do I need storage insurance?


We take our job to protect your valuables very seriously BUT sometimes things go wrong….

We never know what to expect, sometimes we do everything right but life throws us a curve and the worst happens. That’s why we offer one of the industry’s premier insurance policies. Unlike other insurance companies, Safestor insurance:

  • Settles claims quickly (you don’t have to wait until your homeowner’s policy settles first), usually within a week - 10 days

  • Pays the full insured amount (less a $100 deductible)

  • Is backed by an A rated insurance company

Just part of our commitment to help you “Store with peace of mind”

Do you have any packing tips?


Yes, we have several pages worth of tips here

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